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Monocrat is a IT system management solution targeting tiny (~10), small (~50) and medium (~200) networks of machines. These networks are encountered in thousands around the world: in small companies no matter their business, in computer labs, in hotels, in hospitals, everywhere. Monocrat can also scale easily in order to handle the administrator of even larger networks (> 1000) that require basic management operations.

Monocrat philosophy is to be simple and lightweight making the administration of networks of machines a "piece of cake" for everyone, while providing all the necessary IT system management features.

Monocrat consists of three components: Monocrat Manager provides a graphical (web and application) user interface for the discovery and management of remote machines, defining and assigning "jobs". Monocrat Server is responsible for passing the Manager's commands ("jobs") to the Monocrat Agents and for receiving and processing the Agents' responses. The is also the Monocrat Server Services configuration UI. Monocrat Agents run in the administered machines and execute the "jobs" received by the Server.


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