Monocrat Free

SuMo is an open-source tool, which contains the necessary functionalities for collecting monitoring data from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and analyzing them. SuMo makes easy for anyone to monitor AWS instances and run the included optimization algorithms or implement new more intelligent ones. SuMo is available in github:

Monocrat Free is the free edition of the Monocrat IT system management software, providing the following features. Check it out !!!


Monocrat Ruler

We offer on-demand support and development services for Monocrat and SuMo. Additionally, due toour OpenRSM experience we can support you in you OpenRSM installation and in particularly in migrating from OpenRSM to the more advanced MONOCRaT.


We are currently working on Monocrat Ruler, an advanced version of Monocrat with additional features.