The main components of OpenRSM are the server, the agent and the user console. The console accepts input from users and conveys it to the server in the form of task objects. The server is responsible for the coordination of the subsystems and task dispatch. The agent is a passive component on managed stations that accepts commands from the server and executes them.


The server

the server consists of several components such as assets management, remote desktop control, network monitoring integrated together by means of a task oriented management framework.

Network monitoring was initially based on the
NINO network management system, a full featured network management platform based on perl technology. The assets management subsystem was based on the Winventory assets management web application, now known as OpenAudit. The remote control technology used is TightVNC, the well-known remote desktop tool.

The management console

OpenRSM exposes a graphical user interface that presents users with the functionality of the system. The console is built for speed and usability. Administrators may use it to query the state of managed hosts, send tasks to them or review report information. Administrators are presented with facilities such as task grouping, host grouping, dynamic groups, users management, reporting engine.

The agent

the agent of the system can be executed both in linux and windows operating systems. It can be run as a system service, as a background application, as a console application or as a window application. It has also been released to run in embedded processors.

OpenRSM is an open source remote systems and network management solution. It aims to facilitate the management of remote stations by integrating valuable open source tools the system addresses the needs of system and network admins and its philosophy is to be simple, fast and configurable in order to foster combinational solutions.

The core system is capable to manage any workstation or server and monitor the operation of active network elements. Extensions of the system cover the management of wireless sensor networks and embedded systems. The system has also been tested in pilot installations and stressed for scalability in the lab.


OpenRSM's short description and leaflet.


The creation of the system was initially funded by the
information society programme.